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man painting his screen on his wall


Remove all loose, powdery and flaking paint. Fill and sand any imperfections.


Existing Painted surfaces

need to be washed with a bleach solution to remove any dirt, grease and mould that may be present. Dilute the bleach 3 parts to 1 part water.  Then wipe the surface with fresh water. Allow to dry



Walls and substrates will need one to two coats of sealer binder, depending on the porosity of the surface before the Scream screen top coat is applied.


Scream Top Coat

Thin gloss Foam rollers (the cheapest) are preferable to wool and will give a smooth finish.


Try not to over load the roller. It should rotate freely rather than skid over the surface. Unhurried vertical strokes will avoid 'splatter' and should be finished off with a single vertical roll in one direction from the top of the screen to the bottom.  It helps to imagine the surface divided into stripes and work systematically left to right over the whole area.


The aim is to apply the paint evenly and always work from a 'wet' edge. The edges need to be blended in to avoid leaving a ridge of paint. Ideally try to roller at a cool part of the day, this will give you more time. On cool days you will be able to roller the whole surface left to right before the paint begins to dry. On hotter days divide the screen in to narrower sections and complete each section as above. On a sealed surface Scream will cover approximately 16mē/L

Fill the paint tray about one third full with paint. Dip the roller and roll it firmly up and down the ribbed 'platform

Do not overload the roller. It should rotate freely rather than skid over the surface of the wall.